Vacation Fashion Accessory Essentials

We always have something planned for the summer on our mind: vacation. Well, the time is now here. Jetting off to a public or private tropical island, close beach, European destinations…

The one thing standing in the way of this vacation: packing. Having some cute cover ups, rompers, dresses for Insta stories is an absolute MUST. We’re not spending precious time at the usual stores this year, it’s time to really beach up our fits with some of the essentials provided below.

Palma Canaria Milly Circle Clutch
Rosalita Fringe Mini Tote Bag
Palma Canaria Bambi Circle Clutch
Manizales Bucket Bag

To be honest… I’m obsessed with carrying oranges, bananas, or lemons in these bags like just around cities and just snacking as I take walks .. it’s cute and the color stands out in these straw bags


PERSONAL MOMENT: Honestly, I also try to take this season to focus on what I want to accomplish. My top priority is always going back to SoHo, it’s where I feel most myself, I’m the happiest when I’m back in SoHo finding cute stores to shop and even uncovering my extreme foodie side.

Paris from the Top

7 Juin 2019

Pardon my obsession to Croissants and Parisian corner cafés after the trip of majestic walks on cobblestone roads, walking along the Seine with a soft glow, and sitting in the Parc du Champ de Mars taking pictures amongst the blossoming roses.

Being able to taste the finest earl tea from this Plaza Anthénée has such a delicate touch with white tips green tea scented with Bergamot from Calabre.

I experienced my first time being fitted in couture. The thing is that couture allows one to feel as if they are in an alternate world. The gown was pure perfection and allowed me to feel like a true princess. I was in awe looking at the new seasons dresses and the presentations of gowns and handbags at the true Chanel store, true perfection. I was in absolute awe with how incredible the textiles of the clothing is coordinated, you can see the talent behind each garment looking at the craftsmanship the designers hold.

Short and Sweet

Romantic Dreamer’s Collection
9 mai 2019

Hello lovelies ! Cherry blossom season is coming to an end and summer is starting.

To be honest with you, this is not my favorite time of the year. It’s very, very, very busy, and I stay up very late catching up on e-mails and I don’t sleep a lot. Many bloggers love it due to the photo opportunities but on a work level, the grind is difficult.

On the plus side, I ended up in SoHo and loved the pics I took. If you ever come to SoHo check out Ladurée a very beautifully presented restaurant with a nice aesthetic–great for the macarons!

As for living in the city, it is just a dream come true and I even got to attend the 2019 Louis Vuitton cruise show, sitting amongst the biggest names in the business feels truly just a dream. P.S. I will be in France for a week, where I will be visiting Louis Vuitton’s home, Paris, London, and Bordeaux!

Trend Alert: Saguaro // Essentials for the “The Escape”

It’s Coachella season; meaning festival wear is a MUST addition. The items to wear consist of beaded crop tops, platinum metallics, space buns, jersey apparel, and lot of neon on apparel and wigs.

For the more romantic dresser: the dry desert landscapes of Southwest America are tools of spiritual awakening, modern feminism, and being mindful which all contribute to this trend. Think of clashing hues from Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. These raw environments of desert life have been an escape for people searching for enlightenment into their soul. The solitude of blooming dessert flowers, graceful canyons, and artifacts beautify these locations.

These outfits provided will give you the ultimate confidence, and most important… really hyped INSTAGRAM PHOTOS!

Courtesy of Holy Ship/James Coletta
Courtesy of Holy Ship/Oh Dag Yo– Metallic Trend

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Top 5 Fits You Need –Spring 2019

We all know that day.

That day that you have absolutely NOTHING to wear.

A.K.A. the most impossible day to find an outfit.

Any potential outfit ideas you come up with, just feel like a failure each time. Overall, these days are just a nightmare.

That being said, today I’m sharing with you outfit ideas to wear on those days.

Daisy Love

Reptile Influenza

Items patterned with camouflage, earth tones, and reptile: cargo pants, camp shirts, baggy items, and chain belts have a slant on 2019. Other highlights include openwork sweaters and baggy pants for a youth move. 

Mediterranean Summer Escape

Color Pop

Black x Black Look

Fashion Recharge in Soho

I used to go to Saks, I would go to Bergdorf, I would go to Barneys, I would go to thrift stores in SoHo.- ASAP Rocky

There’s something about being in SoHo that lights a fire inside of me. The experience is sparked by such a fashion influenced town and all the designer stores strategically placed beside the cobblestone roads. SoHo is a timeless excuse for my girls and I to run around our fav city decked head to toe in our forever-loved brands. It’s been so crazy in New York these past 2 weeks, what can i say, life in the fast lane takes you places faster than you can say “NYC”. Lately I’ve been interested in a search for designer vintage pieces I can easily incorporate into my current wardrobe, specifically neutrals. I never was really into colors, but thankfully neutrals have taken the fashion world by storm. From the runway to the streets, it’s always a major trend and neutrals just accentuate the body with class (if done right).

Another tip I usually follow in my outfit choices is that there should always be AN element of sex; either we wear a tight dress or we wear a low cut loose dress. If there is too much sexual appeal, the ensemble is cheapened, little sexual appeal is hiding one’s features and I believe devaluing oneself as a female.

The Couture Club

Hi my name is Lexi and i’m in love with feminizing grunge. If you follow my instagram, you know that i’m obsessed with feminine looks. With a big traveling agenda for the next year and many meetings with agencies to discuss what I can do for their company. I always try to keep my outfits simple. The jacket I am wearing is a pretty statement and I wanted to keep the bottom part of my outfit simple. Simplicity is always better than overdoing an outfit.

Another way to style this jacket would be with thigh high heels that could work almost as pants.

Link to jacket: Camo Oversized Jacket

Boss up on New Years

Ready to say hello to 2019 looking hella good? I have an obsession with sparkles this year… and it’s not just because <<i’m a girl>>. I was invited to try out “sorelleuk’s” outfits and they are definitely a new brand I love! I sent *myself* seven outfits (a girl has gotta treat herself)! In the end, I know the day is a metaphor that serves to remind me that New years isn’t all about parties and dressing your best, it’s about starting the new year off right! It’s also the day I get to transition my whole wardrobe and throw everything out of style out of my closet. I’ve been looking at so many options for dresses that will be sexy but yet a total statement, so here they are…

Metallic Jumpsuit