Is History Repeating Itself? 

As I walk into Forever 21 I see all bright neon clothes, tie-dye galore! This reminds me of the hippie times, not a type of electric futuristic vibe, but a vintage style.. we are slowly repeating the same fashion habits of the past years: woodstock couture, bodysuits, overalls, fringe, plaid skirts, denim on denim galore, etc… What makes the 21st century special, memorable, different that other centuries?The 90s is the 90s!! I want our century to be known as 21st century chic. I want style tobe  unique not cycled, made a fashion statement. We made high high boots a style, bodycons, mesh, lace up heels, see- through shoes etc.. We need something new in the fashion market, something memorable! Kim Kardashian, her husband, and her family are huge fashion idols for many! She is flashing interesting styles including corsets over clothes, tee shirts as dresses ! Kylie Jenner brought in neon hair, rainbow hair cool . They evolutionized beauty and thats something the 21st Century can be known for! Everyone wants a thick body as an hourglass figure and surgeries to help change your figure is accepted!!

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