Co-Creation– Avant Garde requires lateral thinking. One must have a very unique taste to be thinking in  this intricate style. Personally, I think the style is in right now. It is highly recognized in the teenage generation, extraordinary style and thinking out of the box. This style gives people a way to stand out in a crowd of ordinary, as that one little yellow flower in a crowd red, especially when an item as grass or flowers is transformed into wearable style. There are many designers who were/are simultaneously influential in this subject as Mr. Lee Alexander McQueen, one of the top idols of the fashion industry. As I see his designs, my taste in fashion evolves. He is very tasteful and every piece of his clothing could make any room glow! Another Avant Garde artist I adore is The Blonds, they’re style is very 3 dimensional and bedazzled. The clothing is very eye-striking and feminine. It has a certain sex-appeal that’s very chic worn by superstars as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Katy Perry– giving them an extreme glam statement during performances or red carpet.






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