Best Ways to Stay Stylish on a Budget

1. Shop after the seasons  After the season, the clothes usually go on sale. For example, the bikinis, one-pieces, high-wasted, etc.. will be on crazy sales during the Fall, incredible markdowns on pretty high quality garments. The same goes for winter clothes in the early spring!

2. Buy Good Quality items deciding between a $10 top that is falling apart after 100 washes vs. a $100 top still in good quality after those washes. The $100 one in my opinion is much more worth the money! One can gain an intelligent watch for this by looking at the stitches of the clothing, are they held together tightly or look easily separated as if they can fall apart easily.

3. Use vintage items In the society we are living in (as I have said before) many of the traditional styles we have experienced in the 21st century have been fashions that were popular during the 1900s. Chances are, the clothes you get from your relatives are going to be coming the style this year or the next few! Stay stylish!

4. Don’t only refer to high-end retailers Most people value the brand more than the clothing. You see one top that looks good at a high price with a top branded name such as Vineyard Vines. But at Macy’s there may be the same top but is more your style at a Kohl’s is the better deal! The brand name does not matter, people usually comment on the look of an item they don’t usually care where you got it. Also, a $500-$1,000 pair of stilettos can be easily offered at a better price anywhere. There is never going to be that ONE pair unless the style is so extravagant (unless they are Sophia Webster’s Angel Wing Sandals!) Style is everything! cce1d32d244e3fbe855fee6d925cf6c9

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