Fashion Needs for this Summer

Who is ready for summer style? Time to show off that bikini body you have been working on all winter! Summer trends are appearing all over Instagram! Be-dazzle your instagram and show off your style!

Statement Stripes

Forget skinny jeans, go for an artsy resort-wear type pant can make almost any top look dressy this summer! Top these pants off with some stilettos or wedges and you immediately have a chic look!


Side Knot Stripe Wide Leg Pants – White

Throw On & Go dress

Keep it simple! A dress is something classy that doesn’t take much to put on. It’s nothing but basic.

Shoes You Should Rocking this Summer

Drop your thigh-highs and pop out your sandals! Noteworthy sandals are the way to go when you want to pull an outfit together! This summer is about COLOR! 



Low boots are also really in! Strut yourself in some ankle boots with an accent of sparkle. If you are willing to pay a little extra, these ones from freepeople are to die for!








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