Uncovering my Surroundings

At this moment, I am able to realize that I have grown up in a very homogeneous group of children throughout my years of school. Everyone is very preppy, not as if we are snobs, but care a lot about our looks and how those around us think of each-other. All of us are into conformity, we want to be as one in the group not an outsider. We see outsiders as dysfunctional. What is wrong with being different? Why do we see being different is a bad thing? Maybe we are scared of being seen as unusual, no matter how much one may deny it, we are all unique and special! Fashion taste is also one that is taken different through many perspectives! The fashion world needs creative minds exploding with new ideas! Fashion is literally a way of artistic self-expression! America has the privilege to provide enough spare time for us to thrive our society! I believe in a few years everyone could be dressing extremely personalized. We won’t be dressing in the regular tee shirt and jeans, but walking art pieces! I believe we could all be very stylish in even the smallest towns, as I grow up in, Pennsylvania! Let’s make a difference in the way we dress and stay stylish!


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