Embrace your Elegance

Do you ever want to come out of your comfort zone & shine? Let me help you! I have been exposed to this feeling before. At one time in my life, I felt rejected from the crowd because I dress how I want to despite others’ approval. “Dressing to the nines” since I was a little girl has provoked my peers to address me with disapproving looks. Even as a third grader who was criticized for being the “little girl with the pink bow”, I felt the need to refashion myself to fit in. After spending countless days trying to makeover my closet, my mom noticed I wasn’t in positive spirits anymore. Rather than changing my style to fit my peers, I decided to share mine with them. My mom and I decided to bring bows for my classmates to show and tell; surprisingly every girl wanted a bow of her own! By embracing my uniqueness, rather than feeling ashamed and just following the crowd, I found confidence in being unique and realized my passion for fashion and ability to be a leader. I would never want to make anyone feel hesitant about being herself or for her circumstances. I want to make a woman proud of herself, as I have grown into! Embrace your individuality. Below are some women I have captured with simplistic beauty! 

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