Expression of a Country’s Individuality

A few months ago I was presented the opportunity to visit Romania. Due to lack of knowledge of the country, I had no expectation of the treasured pearl that would soon reveal itself to me. The big eye-opener of the whole trip was starting the trip off in Bucharest and then traveling to the mountains because of the change in social stratification. The places we traveled in Romania are very different but I found value in this country because they live off the land without preservatives. These people took organic to a new level, because they are living off agriculture. In these rural areas, the people still wear the traditional garments. For women, this includes wool skirts, and embroidered cotton tops. For men, this includes a white blouse with pants tied together with a leather or wool belt. It was so special to be a part of the Romanian traditions and to see that their past isn’t forgotten.img_2021







On the other hand, in Bucharest, the women stand out with brightly colored clothes. On the streets, women wear long flowing skirts, and the men wear white shirts and brightly colored belts. The Romanian culture is worn every day is something most cultures don’t practice as strongly. Even though there is a huge struggle in daily life there, all the people walk around proud to scream, “I am Romanian.”img_2022img_2020


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