Rebellious, Inspiring, & Outspoken

Arriving on a warm day in Bucharest I had no idea what to expect of Romania. One of the many reasons for this trip was to help others. In addition, I hoped to learn cultural awareness and gain others view on individuality expression. Before I traveled to Romania I wanted the orphans to have something to remember me by. I decided to establish by decorative photo frames (something to keep a large range of age groups engaged) and face paint. The children ended up loving the frames and even tried to take pictures that weren’t of them but their friends. The whole orphanage has a gracious attitude towards each other, exactly like a family.

Giving back is always special for me due to the real smile that just instantly pops on one’s face when they are presented with a gift, especially when I helped out at the orphanage. Thankfully, giving back has become a huge part of the fashion industry. For example, we all know Toms,”to help those who do good do well”  but this happens at all levels. I had the pleasure while traveling to meet one of the passionate members of Greensole, Karan Bhasin . At Greensole, they recycle abandoned footwear and transform them into comfortable and durable footwear providing to children less fortunate.

Their team is working with persistence and consistency to reach their goal of having no underserved barefoot by 2023. This company isn’t just creating fashion but has an eco-friendly way of creating unused shoes for those in need. I love what this company is and I am definitely anticipating the objective they are urging to reach!

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