Why I love Romanian Dress

Oh Romania, where to start! Everything about Romania was ravishing. We spent the last few days in Sighișoara Citadel, Constanta, and Bucharest, which are most frequented by the wealthy of Romania and tourists. There are shops, restaurants, and hotels up and down these cities. In particular, when visiting Sighișoara Citadel (one of Romania’s most alluring places) we were unexpectedly there during their annual medieval festival that occurs every year where arts and crafts blend with rock music and stage plays. The atmosphere was remarkable and transferred me back into their ancestry. I was suddenly in a place where short skirts isn’t the norm but delicate long dresses and bright floral crowns.Everything has volume and attitude Their vision of beauty includes something more bold than romantic and this is the 21st century fashion we need. The people know how sui generis their country is so they express this in their clothing as well as keeping this exclusive trait valued. I batten my eyelid and I envision myself back in this majestic country, wishing I could fall back into the scenery.Photo credits: Tibi Vîntur fashion photographer

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