Free Spirit Style: Meet Sky

In celebration of SUMMER VIBES I decided to bring into focus a loving person with an eye for fantastic layering. As the pictures show, everything she wears follows one theme “bohemian goddess”. We love how she paired a crop top with a kimono and boot cut jeans, going for a western look.  Another ideal way to fashion a kimono is with a dress underneath paired with a statement accessory. Can we say outfit inspiration?

On another note, layers are always tricky to overcome but the all greatest is transitioning from summer to fall looks. Below are some tips for creating the ultimate layered outfit for this difficult transition.

  1. For a feminine look-Start with a skirt (tight or loose) , add a favorite stylish top & don’t forget the booties. To fall accentuate, swap the booties for tall boots, leg warmers, a leather jacket, and / or a scarf
  2. For a more masculine look- Start with any style pant with a tank and again some booties. To fall accentuate, add a light cardigan, panama type hat, & a jacket. On terms of this jacket, we can either shoot for a jean, leather, suede, etc.. type.
  3. For an in-between look- Start with statement shorts, light blouse, and of course some boots! To fall accentuate, add tights, again a panama hat, and a loose knit!



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