Flashing back to the 1970s: Marissa

Marissa– A kind soul that highlights the atmosphere effortlessly. Her style simply reflects the sunshine that beams through her heart. This grown-up love child has been an inspiration to me, because she brings vibes of Woodstock to the present. As a lover of prints, her outfits always flow together whether it is a floral focused couture or an ensemble with the classic fringe cross-body bag and flared jeans.

How do you know you’re radiating BOHEMIAN: 

  1. Your room/dorm is occupied with items inspired by multicultural aspects. You’re in love with the tapestry, knit accents, fairy lights, warm colors galore, exotic poufs, and of course plants to give your room the natural, earthy vibe.
  2. All of your daily essentials must be au naturel including: lotions, aromas, bath soaps, nutrition, and so on.
  3. You tend to take every day as the last; simply living your day up. Stressing is simply a waste of your time and you take a lot of time to keep your heart & mind happy. A majority of a day is spent picking flowers, creating art, and grooving out to some of your favorite mindful tunes.
  4. You see modern ware as too conventional for you. Every day you are excited to push the limits on the fashion world through artistic expression.





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