The List

Much stress is placed upon couples in this generation, a uncovered competition of which relationship is the best. Each couple wants to be classified as the prime & foremost form of monogamy. What are the guidelines to be classified in this way? Is it the act of commitment, how much time they spend together, or maybe how they look. Not much emphasis is put on how chic a couple is and can be. Take for example the Beckhams’, this British couple have such a beautiful silhouette. Their outfits compliment each other and they always look classy. I want to see more couples that look classy together, essentially bringing a new name to chic. A couple is to complement the other and oneself. In essence this matching can be done with colors, pattern, accents, and/ or the exact same outfit if you’re feeling risky. Couple fashion hasn’t been a trend, so to say, in the fashion world. This could be the 21st century style, runways filled with couples walking arm in arm down the runway. Couple is in, embrace your desires, and make the future monogamy in style. 

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