Styling the BF Jeans

Au revoir skinny jeans and say hello to the comfortable side of denim. A piece of masculinity is really in right now. Boyfriend jeans can be worn as extra feminine or relaxed and nonchalant. Without the correct intelligence on styling this ensemble, it may be very difficult to rock. Identify yourself as an offbeat and unconventional style icon. Let’s style this boyfriend pant.

  1. Boho Flatter— style these jeans with a flowy top and statement earring. Brighten your exotic, artistic, and eccentric spirit!
  2. Wearing his clothes— Pull together a t-shirt & the classic jean jacket & vintage sneakers.
  3. Proud to be Feminine—Embrace your gender and go all out with some stilettos with an elegant blouse.
  4. Model’s day off—Rock these with a crop top or a tee-shirt for a cozy feeling.
  5. Travel— The best way to wear this look when transitioning into fall. Try with a trench and a patterned tank underneath. How can one not fit these pants in their style??


Image result for bf jeans  celeb
Image result for models boyyfriend jeans


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