Fangir-ling Over Fur

As you are sitting on the floor of your closet drinking your favorite coffee, one begins to craze over what they will wear for the day. With the thoughts spiraling in your mind, you know it has to consist of something warm because of course it’s fall weather. There you are, anxiously sitting with the thought in your mind. If you know, you know.  Jamming to your favorite tunes, and experiencing the intimacy of the beautiful choices of clothes you have and how grateful you are to be able to make a choice in the morning.  To be honest, fur has been seen as an indicator of wealth. Now, fur is all over social media, who doesn’t want to look cute and trendy during the winter. It is time to dump the parka and invest in the furs. This is one statement that has lasted years and it can go with anything.  I mean, Nicki is slaying this coat at NYFW. But, take out the fur and it is just a simple outfit that wouldn’t have been written about. And… Hailey Elefante (a.k.a @the_salty_blonde) with her beautiful vintage faux. Can we say style inspiration?  In the silence and pleasure you experience after finding the perfect stylish piece, it is time to just mellow to the peaceful music of the morning.  “It’s real, it’s deep, it’s relentless for me, All it takes is a moment.” –Nothing Better by Isla Vista Worship


instagram: @the_salty_blonde



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