Uncovered Pearl 

Image result for vera bradleyYou are on the streets of New York City, the number 1 ranking fashion capital as of 2017. You walk into blooming dales and see a woman with a quilted and accentuated paisley print tote, made of cotton. Of course you don’t need to see the bag to know it’s Vera Bradley. This company has held a successful campaign at marketing its unique signature style. As just proven, Vera Bradley is recognized by the pattern and material; not only nationally but internationally! People know of the company because its so easily distinguishable and want to get the bag because it’s such a beautiful accessory. In fact, on the topic of product placement, if Hailey Baldwin was on the street walking with Vera people see it and of course want to buy their new pattern. Although, no one really asks what brand the product is, rather they ask where the person got Vera so it’s free advertising if one is walking with the bag. In fact, the bags are only placed in strategic places; such as boutiques. The company also has a scarcity technique with the brand not always being in ones face. Their marketing plan relies on direct-mailing of catalogs, featuring in magazines, and from time to time digital advertising. As a matter of fact, their customers range from 8 to 80 years old. Usually a teenager wouldn’t want to carry something her grandmother was carrying, but 3 generations of women carry the Vera Bradley is certainly unique compared to other luxury companies. The company reaches teen girls with placement in teen magazines and expose practicality especially with the “Back to School” era. During this, teens looking for a backpack with wheels or not are hit with a product. For the older generations they have accouterments and diaper bags. Their aggressive new designs and colors are a step into innovation; which can also be multi-purposeful from grocery store trips, shopping, or even a travel weekend with the girls! With Vera Bradley’s visible look, product placement, and wide target market reach: they successfully establish loyalty with customers. As Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and Coach are recognizable, Vera is recognized in seconds and one knows for sure it’s their brand.


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