Style this Christmas & 2018 Aspirations

Waking up on Christmas Day gave me such creative feelings! As the essence of the Baltic Amber candle from Voluspa filled my room, my day started out oh so magical. It only took a few moments in my bed to reflect on my favorite fun-filled moments that also consisted of great stylish pieces. As Christmas is one of my favorite days to dress up, I knew one statement piece to my outfit had to be the Feelin’ Fresh Vegan Skirt from Free People (also featured in my 2017 xmas gift guide)! I paired it with the faux fur peacoat from forever 21 and the Koko long sleeve bodysuit from Meshki. This outfit could look good on absolutely anyone, sprinkling you with confidence!

Sammi Shea

I hope you’re enjoying the holidays with the family! As 2018 is bound to bring more fab and disappointing trends, I thought of some goals I will continue to achieve this year:

  • Maintain my spiritual relationship
  • Media Detox from non beneficial pages
  • Not comparing myself to others, as that kills happiness
  • Taking things at a slow pace
  • Focus on being a strong leader to others
  • Balancing my time between work and my loved ones
  • Loving others
  • Seek adventures that will spread my wings
  • Send needed gifts to the children at the orphanage of Romania
  • Listen to the voice of my heart
  • Experiencing the purity of moments through my eyes instead of my phone
  • Teaching others from what I learned & learn through my journeys

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