Trend Alert: Saguaro // Essentials for the “The Escape”

It’s Coachella season; meaning festival wear is a MUST addition. The items to wear consist of beaded crop tops, platinum metallics, space buns, jersey apparel, and lot of neon on apparel and wigs.

For the more romantic dresser: the dry desert landscapes of Southwest America are tools of spiritual awakening, modern feminism, and being mindful which all contribute to this trend. Think of clashing hues from Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. These raw environments of desert life have been an escape for people searching for enlightenment into their soul. The solitude of blooming dessert flowers, graceful canyons, and artifacts beautify these locations.

These outfits provided will give you the ultimate confidence, and most important… really hyped INSTAGRAM PHOTOS!

Courtesy of Holy Ship/James Coletta
Courtesy of Holy Ship/Oh Dag Yo– Metallic Trend

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