Paris from the Top

7 Juin 2019

Pardon my obsession to Croissants and Parisian corner cafés after the trip of majestic walks on cobblestone roads, walking along the Seine with a soft glow, and sitting in the Parc du Champ de Mars taking pictures amongst the blossoming roses.

Being able to taste the finest earl tea from this Plaza Anthénée has such a delicate touch with white tips green tea scented with Bergamot from Calabre.

I experienced my first time being fitted in couture. The thing is that couture allows one to feel as if they are in an alternate world. The gown was pure perfection and allowed me to feel like a true princess. I was in awe looking at the new seasons dresses and the presentations of gowns and handbags at the true Chanel store, true perfection. I was in absolute awe with how incredible the textiles of the clothing is coordinated, you can see the talent behind each garment looking at the craftsmanship the designers hold.

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