Vacation Fashion Accessory Essentials

We always have something planned for the summer on our mind: vacation. Well, the time is now here. Jetting off to a public or private tropical island, close beach, European destinations…

The one thing standing in the way of this vacation: packing. Having some cute cover ups, rompers, dresses for Insta stories is an absolute MUST. We’re not spending precious time at the usual stores this year, it’s time to really beach up our fits with some of the essentials provided below.

Palma Canaria Milly Circle Clutch
Rosalita Fringe Mini Tote Bag
Palma Canaria Bambi Circle Clutch
Manizales Bucket Bag

To be honest… I’m obsessed with carrying oranges, bananas, or lemons in these bags like just around cities and just snacking as I take walks .. it’s cute and the color stands out in these straw bags


PERSONAL MOMENT: Honestly, I also try to take this season to focus on what I want to accomplish. My top priority is always going back to SoHo, it’s where I feel most myself, I’m the happiest when I’m back in SoHo finding cute stores to shop and even uncovering my extreme foodie side.

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