The Couture Club

Hi my name is Lexi and i’m in love with feminizing grunge. If you follow my instagram, you know that i’m obsessed with feminine looks. With a big traveling agenda for the next year and many meetings with agencies to discuss what I can do for their company. I always try to keep my outfits simple. The jacket I am wearing is a pretty statement and I wanted to keep the bottom part of my outfit simple. Simplicity is always better than overdoing an outfit.

Another way to style this jacket would be with thigh high heels that could work almost as pants.

Link to jacket: Camo Oversized Jacket

Today’s Ensemble

At this stage in my life I am trying to discover which fashion style I belong to. One day, I will dress 90s chic another bohemian, and so on. As I take a step back, I begin to question how many styles there are and which one I fit into. Today I had the feels for a modernly energized outfit. Recently, I have been obsessed with having these voguish & sassy headbands from Free People placed around my neck for a European look. I loved these statement striped pants from Zara and decided to match them with a white tank. Of course, sunglasses & wedges are a must to pull the outfit together! If I had to summarize today’s outfit in two words, they would be: Current European. I guess I am one step closer to being multicultural. I will show more of my latest acquisitions. Time to perform my du jour life! Stay stylish!

Venez avec moi visiter l’Acropole d’Athènes