Fashion Recharge in Soho

I used to go to Saks, I would go to Bergdorf, I would go to Barneys, I would go to thrift stores in SoHo.- ASAP Rocky

There’s something about being in SoHo that lights a fire inside of me. The experience is sparked by such a fashion influenced town and all the designer stores strategically placed beside the cobblestone roads. SoHo is a timeless excuse for my girls and I to run around our fav city decked head to toe in our forever-loved brands. It’s been so crazy in New York these past 2 weeks, what can i say, life in the fast lane takes you places faster than you can say “NYC”. Lately I’ve been interested in a search for designer vintage pieces I can easily incorporate into my current wardrobe, specifically neutrals. I never was really into colors, but thankfully neutrals have taken the fashion world by storm. From the runway to the streets, it’s always a major trend and neutrals just accentuate the body with class (if done right).

Another tip I usually follow in my outfit choices is that there should always be AN element of sex; either we wear a tight dress or we wear a low cut loose dress. If there is too much sexual appeal, the ensemble is cheapened, little sexual appeal is hiding one’s features and I believe devaluing oneself as a female.

Boss up on New Years

Ready to say hello to 2019 looking hella good? I have an obsession with sparkles this year… and it’s not just because <<i’m a girl>>. I was invited to try out “sorelleuk’s” outfits and they are definitely a new brand I love! I sent *myself* seven outfits (a girl has gotta treat herself)! In the end, I know the day is a metaphor that serves to remind me that New years isn’t all about parties and dressing your best, it’s about starting the new year off right! It’s also the day I get to transition my whole wardrobe and throw everything out of style out of my closet. I’ve been looking at so many options for dresses that will be sexy but yet a total statement, so here they are…

Metallic Jumpsuit

Diamonds Dancing

Sometimes a little sparkle goes a long way. Homecoming was coming up, oh the stress of picking out a dress! There are websites on websites, dresses on dresses, how can you choose?! I wanted something classy, sexy, and will make compliment me in the best way possible. I love the way nude looks but I needed something more. BLING. Now, bling can easily be tacky, but Meshki got me covered. Meshki is a new website I found that compliments curves so well and carries the elegance for young women. Not only was I surprised with the  CLEO Diamanté Skirt, but their whole product portfolio hooked me as a customer. When I received the skirt, the KOKO long sleeve bodysuit, and the Macia Velvet Mini Skirt, the quality of the products was divine. Not only did I feel extravagant in the whole ensemble, but I looked even better in the clothes than I thought I would.

Fangir-ling Over Fur

As you are sitting on the floor of your closet drinking your favorite coffee, one begins to craze over what they will wear for the day. With the thoughts spiraling in your mind, you know it has to consist of something warm because of course it’s fall weather. There you are, anxiously sitting with the thought in your mind. If you know, you know.  Jamming to your favorite tunes, and experiencing the intimacy of the beautiful choices of clothes you have and how grateful you are to be able to make a choice in the morning.  To be honest, fur has been seen as an indicator of wealth. Now, fur is all over social media, who doesn’t want to look cute and trendy during the winter. It is time to dump the parka and invest in the furs. This is one statement that has lasted years and it can go with anything.  I mean, Nicki is slaying this coat at NYFW. But, take out the fur and it is just a simple outfit that wouldn’t have been written about. And… Hailey Elefante (a.k.a @the_salty_blonde) with her beautiful vintage faux. Can we say style inspiration?  In the silence and pleasure you experience after finding the perfect stylish piece, it is time to just mellow to the peaceful music of the morning.  “It’s real, it’s deep, it’s relentless for me, All it takes is a moment.” –Nothing Better by Isla Vista Worship


instagram: @the_salty_blonde



Styling the BF Jeans

Au revoir skinny jeans and say hello to the comfortable side of denim. A piece of masculinity is really in right now. Boyfriend jeans can be worn as extra feminine or relaxed and nonchalant. Without the correct intelligence on styling this ensemble, it may be very difficult to rock. Identify yourself as an offbeat and unconventional style icon. Let’s style this boyfriend pant.

  1. Boho Flatter— style these jeans with a flowy top and statement earring. Brighten your exotic, artistic, and eccentric spirit!
  2. Wearing his clothes— Pull together a t-shirt & the classic jean jacket & vintage sneakers.
  3. Proud to be Feminine—Embrace your gender and go all out with some stilettos with an elegant blouse.
  4. Model’s day off—Rock these with a crop top or a tee-shirt for a cozy feeling.
  5. Travel— The best way to wear this look when transitioning into fall. Try with a trench and a patterned tank underneath. How can one not fit these pants in their style??


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Why I love Romanian Dress

Oh Romania, where to start! Everything about Romania was ravishing. We spent the last few days in Sighișoara Citadel, Constanta, and Bucharest, which are most frequented by the wealthy of Romania and tourists. There are shops, restaurants, and hotels up and down these cities. In particular, when visiting Sighișoara Citadel (one of Romania’s most alluring places) we were unexpectedly there during their annual medieval festival that occurs every year where arts and crafts blend with rock music and stage plays. The atmosphere was remarkable and transferred me back into their ancestry. I was suddenly in a place where short skirts isn’t the norm but delicate long dresses and bright floral crowns.Everything has volume and attitude Their vision of beauty includes something more bold than romantic and this is the 21st century fashion we need. The people know how sui generis their country is so they express this in their clothing as well as keeping this exclusive trait valued. I batten my eyelid and I envision myself back in this majestic country, wishing I could fall back into the scenery.Photo credits: Tibi Vîntur fashion photographer