Punk w some beauty

Festival season isn’t too far away and I must introduce a new trend which I find really rad!

Gold detailing and tribal face paint continue to be influential and are really cool additions to one’s outfit, while yellow lipstick was the break out trend of the show at one point, facial paint is taking over. Hair this year was bright and bold with some new dye techniques. People are dying their long hair and doing braids with rainbow hues & I just can’t get enough. Even colored afros and leopard stenciled hair are more favorites of mine! COLOR IS RAD!

What’s on my Xmas List?

It IS the most wonderful time of the year….

Sales. Sales. Sales.. my wardrobe is known to be elevated this winter with the items on my list. Many linear aromatics are going to be really in after winter my favorite designers have-really have got me feeling this trend. Also, surprisingly tie-dye is back in so get ready to get your dye and color some of your favorite pieces! Also get ready for some cow print & we are still vibing on this neon 

Red Aqua One Piece
White Booties
Religion serpent cow print faux fur coat
Religion Serpent cow print faux fur
Ahead Of The Curve Satin Cut Out Midi Dress in Red
Ahead of the Curve Satin Cut Out Dress
Cow print jacket
Cow Print Jacket

Falling into Essentials 2018

Fall To-Wear

Sipping on pumpkin spice lattes everyday still has not allowed this summer lover  to adjust to the fact that fall is here. But fall fashion can be cute but the weather I’m not fond of. Here are some pieces to layer when looking to one’s closet, and there is nothing to wear, when in reality, our closets are not 2018 styled. Here are some pieces to change that.

Cream Faux Fur Jacket

Cream Window Check Belted Culottes

Black Fringe Mini Skirt

Parisa Wang Addicted Bracelet Bag
Parisa Wang

Armstrong Oval Sunglasses

Caden Faux Fur Jacket, view 2, click to view large image.


Balmain tweed mini skirt
Tweed Skirt




Classic Chanel

Tweed: The Chanel fabric.

Initiated in 1926 with a Chanel style, walking in-front of the flatiron brings the whole experience together. Revolve brought, all checkered, asymmetrical hems and vintage hats (a fashion girl’s dream come true), is way more worthy than any goal score could ever be, fulfilling my lifetime hypothesis that fashion is in fact to girls what football is for boys. Now this is what I call living the dream. The smell of Yves Saint Laurent cologne, fresh patchouli, and pumpkin fills the city today allowing me to escape to a new world.

Saying “I Do” to the Dress

International Bridal Week was extravagant. From Modeling to dressing models, everything was just so beautifully cultivated! At a private rooftop and at an exclusive showroom for unreleased dresses, I had the pleasure of meeting such great designers and I gained a specific favoritism for Viktor and Rolf.

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are not here to make any classic wedding dresses. At a Viktor and Rolf Showroom, the dresses were exquisitely tailored, certainly had beautiful movement and is catered toward powerful women. In fact, this is the  first time their collection has ever featured lace. They took a unique predisposition at wedding gowns by adding a modified masculinity to the dresses. These are dresses certainly to make any woman stand out. 

New City, New Girl

Pretty little things, surround me.  When I first moved to New York, I thought I would be whisking off to Soho any spare minute I got. Healthy high line walks followed by matcha and vintage spree runs would be a fixture in this new grown up life of mine. Well, it turns out this is how I spend the only free time I have ever managed to get myself on one of the the cities TO BE.  As a little fashion girl grown up in a small town, my dream came true. I feel like logo’s are really stressed on one here, when all I care about is the look of the clothes. Waking up in the heart of New York, next to all the famously known boutiques, the city really changes you and your fashion choices. Life in the fast lane can for sure take you places faster than one can really sit back and see how much they have evolved, before you know it, months have gone by without a little reflection on this side of the rainbow.

Fash Favorite: Neutrals

A timeless excuse for me to throw on is a neutral. Neutrals always seem to be a reoccurring piece in my closet, and have become my preferred base color palette. This is the perfect investment if you’re looking for something to fit a varied selection of makeup looks. Instead of just stressing over color choice with accessories – we can pair everything from bags, shoes, jewelry, watches and accessories from brands like Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton. There really are many options of CLASSY neutrals as well for everyone depending on your budget. These pieces can really compliment any skin tone and can provide for a great first impression.

Stone Button Up Tie Strap Detail Shift Dress
                                                         Stone Button Up Tie Strap Detail Shift Dress                        

Temecula Fall Maxi Dress
Temecula Fall Maxi Dress

Silky Jupiter Set

Zana Floral Set

Saatchi Lemon Dress

Keliana Playsuit

Speck Eden Dress


Spring Investments Part III

I hope you guys are loving my looks for this three- part spring clothing post! Tag me and dm me if you purchased any of these pieces, I would love to feature you on my blog! It’s almost time to shut down in vacay mode, do it in style! 

P.S. All items from websites are going to come in exactly how they look on picture, I have numerously completed purchases on all websites and check reviews on items before posting!

Tahiti Stone Drop Leather Hoops
Tahiti Stone Drop Leather Hoops

Glamorous Round Straw Bag
Glamorous Round Straw Bag