Spring Investments Part I

I don’t know about you but i’m feeling spring fever! My wardrobe for summer is so last year, and I wanted to spice things up to the max. I have been shopping online and in store so much lately, looking for the best trends. What’s key is also being unique, celebrating what’s inside and bringing that outside! I’m going to give you guys ideas of what I have been looking at, which are affordable within the $10-$200 price range! Happy Browsing stylists xoxo!!


Bikinis (of course, we have to start here!)

Don’t be Semi-Forgettable

Hold yourself together, the issues are finally here of finding the perfect semi dress. Thoughts berate our mind: Will I be the worst-dressed, will someone have the same dress as me, what website do I look on, and so on.  There is not much time left, now to start looking, stylists.

  • Sabo Skirt– This is a unique website I just found. Every item gives off a resort vintage vibe. The items are beautifully crafted and now represent 45% of my closet! Check them out for semi & a go-to website!Shop New
    • Oh Polly – For the trendy and fashion-forward woman craving flattering figure. clothes.  The clothes give exactly what you are looking for and allow you to feel runway ready after putting the clothes on! Image result for ohpolly
        • Meshki– This site became the love of my life when I used it to find my homecoming dress! Everything has such good quality and is another website that accentuates your curves!Related image
        • Free People– Who would’ve thought this was a good place to find a dress? If you;re into all the bohemian vibes then it is time to start looking here! Of course some stuff is expensive, but if you really look, you are definitely going to find something . unique at a good price!  If you purchase the app, they let you see stylists wearing the outfit you want to purchase too!
              • Abyss by Abbey – As a great semi dress website, they sell beautiful dresses for Prom. Considering prom dresses are expensive, they are sold at a reasonable price for the beauty you receive from the dress! I found this website from the girlfriend of Johnny Manziel(a professional football player)! Image result for abyss by abby cocktail

              New Year, Stylin’ so good

              Hey Stylists, happy new year and a new you! New Year– spicing up, restarting, and innovating a new look for ourselves. You can either turn heads and influence heart eyes or end up rocking those 90s platform heels and become the next monumental meme. Bring on 2018!

              For the Cozy (Those days it is -7 degrees) 

              Slide View 1: Scrunch Sleeve Seamless
              Scrunch Sleeve Seamless
              Slide View 3: Moroccan Wedding Cardi
              Moroccan Wedding Cardi
              Slide View 2: Warm Nights Legging
              Warm Nights Legging

              For those trying to live in the fast lane

              Black L’amour Slogan Foil Print Slogan Fitted T Shirt
              High- Waisted Plaid Leggings


              For the light-hearted & mysterious

              Magdalena camel off shoulder trench coat

              For the party dresser & pretty little thing

              Black Scarf Print Tie Front Crop Top
              Khaki Roll Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit 

              Style this Christmas & 2018 Aspirations

              Waking up on Christmas Day gave me such creative feelings! As the essence of the Baltic Amber candle from Voluspa filled my room, my day started out oh so magical. It only took a few moments in my bed to reflect on my favorite fun-filled moments that also consisted of great stylish pieces. As Christmas is one of my favorite days to dress up, I knew one statement piece to my outfit had to be the Feelin’ Fresh Vegan Skirt from Free People (also featured in my 2017 xmas gift guide)! I paired it with the faux fur peacoat from forever 21 and the Koko long sleeve bodysuit from Meshki. This outfit could look good on absolutely anyone, sprinkling you with confidence!

              Sammi Shea    http://www.sammisheaphotography.com

              I hope you’re enjoying the holidays with the family! As 2018 is bound to bring more fab and disappointing trends, I thought of some goals I will continue to achieve this year:

              • Maintain my spiritual relationship
              • Media Detox from non beneficial pages
              • Not comparing myself to others, as that kills happiness
              • Taking things at a slow pace
              • Focus on being a strong leader to others
              • Balancing my time between work and my loved ones
              • Loving others
              • Seek adventures that will spread my wings
              • Send needed gifts to the children at the orphanage of Romania
              • Listen to the voice of my heart
              • Experiencing the purity of moments through my eyes instead of my phone
              • Teaching others from what I learned & learn through my journeys

              3 Skin Care Products that WILL save your skin

              Hello winter and our extreme devotion to skin care! Who wants any pimples or dry skin, especially with the holiday season, where all of us are expected to look glamour. Girl, let me open your eyes and get you committed to the skin routine I am using.

              1. Malin +Goetz Acne treatment— ••$22••For that surprise pimple that just ruins your day, this is your go to product, significantly decreases the size in your pimple by the next morning!

              2. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream—You apply this before applying makeup, either for a touch up or for a rejuvenation of your skin. After application, it leaves your skin feeling as soft as your legs after a shave! C’est très utile! It is the perfect solution for dry morning skin. A big plus to this option is the refreshing smell, very clean!

              3. Scrubs from Sabon— The scrubs from this company are to DIE FOR, they have such an elegant smell and texture. Not even, just the scrubs, all their products are lovely. My personal favorite is the lavender apple scrub. The smell always lasts for hours, and I always end up being complimented after a good shower and my body is so soft!

              For Him Gift Ideas

              Everyone says men are really simple to shop for, but are they? Explain that to yourself when you are constantly running to and from stores to find the perfect gift to show your adoration. In a new relationship, we all have the struggle of getting a gift that doesn’t show you are too committed but will give him more feels for you. I’ve got some tips for you! How about that extra chic guy friend with a closet to die for, maybe show him up with some new exclusive gym wear from a new European company? Oh and by the way, when your dad says he doesn’t want something he actually does. If you have a dad like mine, who doesn’t dress couture, maybe you can help him narrow down his choices by buying him a Zara gift card or just go with a  L.U.C XPS Twist QF Fairmined watch from Chopard, your choice! Going couture marks the spot this holiday.

              Gifts to Not Intimidate the New Guy

              CLUBMASTER FLECK OPTICS by Ray Ban Image result for CLUBMASTER FLECK OPTICS ray ban

              I mean who are we kidding, all guys look well-dressed in glasses.

              Aziz by Steve Madden

              Step up his boot game!

              Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Smartphone Instant Photo Printer by Urban Outfitters

              Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Smartphone Instant Photo Printer

              Ralph Lauren Polo Red- Macy’s

              Always a great gift, picking out what he will smell like on dates.

              Calvin Klein Tonal Flocked Logo Tee by Urban Outfitters

              Calvin Klein Tonal Flocked Logo Tee

              Stone Bead Bracelet by Zara




              For Dad (P.S. Dad if you’re looking at this please clock out) 

              The Art of Shaving Full Size Kit on Amazon

              Stutterheim Storvik by shopspring.com

              Stussy Smooth Stock Hoodie Sweatshirt by Urban Outfitters

              Stussy Smooth Stock Hoodie Sweatshirt

              Brown Leather Boots by Zara



              My 2017 Xmas Gift Guide

              It’s gifting season, now is the perfect time to put together a list of everything you want to give. I’ve got all the tips for you: mom, dad, roommate, boyfriend, best friends, brother, sister,etc.. I have also included my holiday wishlist , if maybe you want to get a gift for yourself! 😉


              Diamonds Dancing

              Sometimes a little sparkle goes a long way. Homecoming was coming up, oh the stress of picking out a dress! There are websites on websites, dresses on dresses, how can you choose?! I wanted something classy, sexy, and will make compliment me in the best way possible. I love the way nude looks but I needed something more. BLING. Now, bling can easily be tacky, but Meshki got me covered. Meshki is a new website I found that compliments curves so well and carries the elegance for young women. Not only was I surprised with the  CLEO Diamanté Skirt, but their whole product portfolio hooked me as a customer. When I received the skirt, the KOKO long sleeve bodysuit, and the Macia Velvet Mini Skirt, the quality of the products was divine. Not only did I feel extravagant in the whole ensemble, but I looked even better in the clothes than I thought I would.

              Uncovered Pearl 

              Image result for vera bradleyYou are on the streets of New York City, the number 1 ranking fashion capital as of 2017. You walk into blooming dales and see a woman with a quilted and accentuated paisley print tote, made of cotton. Of course you don’t need to see the bag to know it’s Vera Bradley. This company has held a successful campaign at marketing its unique signature style. As just proven, Vera Bradley is recognized by the pattern and material; not only nationally but internationally! People know of the company because its so easily distinguishable and want to get the bag because it’s such a beautiful accessory. In fact, on the topic of product placement, if Hailey Baldwin was on the street walking with Vera people see it and of course want to buy their new pattern. Although, no one really asks what brand the product is, rather they ask where the person got Vera so it’s free advertising if one is walking with the bag. In fact, the bags are only placed in strategic places; such as boutiques. The company also has a scarcity technique with the brand not always being in ones face. Their marketing plan relies on direct-mailing of catalogs, featuring in magazines, and from time to time digital advertising. As a matter of fact, their customers range from 8 to 80 years old. Usually a teenager wouldn’t want to carry something her grandmother was carrying, but 3 generations of women carry the Vera Bradley is certainly unique compared to other luxury companies. The company reaches teen girls with placement in teen magazines and expose practicality especially with the “Back to School” era. During this, teens looking for a backpack with wheels or not are hit with a product. For the older generations they have accouterments and diaper bags. Their aggressive new designs and colors are a step into innovation; which can also be multi-purposeful from grocery store trips, shopping, or even a travel weekend with the girls! With Vera Bradley’s visible look, product placement, and wide target market reach: they successfully establish loyalty with customers. As Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and Coach are recognizable, Vera is recognized in seconds and one knows for sure it’s their brand.


              Paul Costelloe Favorites

              Ah fashion is everywhere! It’s so glorious to have all my social media filed with such rebellious and creative runway feed. It’s no surprise Paul Costelloe is a luxurious, innovative, and visionary designer. His work always creates the highest standard, quality, and comfort. With a wide product portfolio consisting of bags and accessories, ladies wear, men’s wear, children’s wear, and home he always delivers an element of surprise. He plays with form well and the colors are extravagant making it work. His couture draws me into wanting to be the girl on the runway. The outfits feel fresh, young, impeccable, dramatic, and modern. You can really see his esthetic and tailoring skills.