Fangir-ling Over Fur

As you are sitting on the floor of your closet drinking your favorite coffee, one begins to craze over what they will wear for the day. With the thoughts spiraling in your mind, you know it has to consist of something warm because of course it’s fall weather. There you are, anxiously sitting with the thought in your mind. If you know, you know.  Jamming to your favorite tunes, and experiencing the intimacy of the beautiful choices of clothes you have and how grateful you are to be able to make a choice in the morning.  To be honest, fur has been seen as an indicator of wealth. Now, fur is all over social media, who doesn’t want to look cute and trendy during the winter. It is time to dump the parka and invest in the furs. This is one statement that has lasted years and it can go with anything.  I mean, Nicki is slaying this coat at NYFW. But, take out the fur and it is just a simple outfit that wouldn’t have been written about. And… Hailey Elefante (a.k.a @the_salty_blonde) with her beautiful vintage faux. Can we say style inspiration?  In the silence and pleasure you experience after finding the perfect stylish piece, it is time to just mellow to the peaceful music of the morning.  “It’s real, it’s deep, it’s relentless for me, All it takes is a moment.” –Nothing Better by Isla Vista Worship


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Styling the BF Jeans

Au revoir skinny jeans and say hello to the comfortable side of denim. A piece of masculinity is really in right now. Boyfriend jeans can be worn as extra feminine or relaxed and nonchalant. Without the correct intelligence on styling this ensemble, it may be very difficult to rock. Identify yourself as an offbeat and unconventional style icon. Let’s style this boyfriend pant.

  1. Boho Flatter— style these jeans with a flowy top and statement earring. Brighten your exotic, artistic, and eccentric spirit!
  2. Wearing his clothes— Pull together a t-shirt & the classic jean jacket & vintage sneakers.
  3. Proud to be Feminine—Embrace your gender and go all out with some stilettos with an elegant blouse.
  4. Model’s day off—Rock these with a crop top or a tee-shirt for a cozy feeling.
  5. Travel— The best way to wear this look when transitioning into fall. Try with a trench and a patterned tank underneath. How can one not fit these pants in their style??


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The List

Much stress is placed upon couples in this generation, a uncovered competition of which relationship is the best. Each couple wants to be classified as the prime & foremost form of monogamy. What are the guidelines to be classified in this way? Is it the act of commitment, how much time they spend together, or maybe how they look. Not much emphasis is put on how chic a couple is and can be. Take for example the Beckhams’, this British couple have such a beautiful silhouette. Their outfits compliment each other and they always look classy. I want to see more couples that look classy together, essentially bringing a new name to chic. A couple is to complement the other and oneself. In essence this matching can be done with colors, pattern, accents, and/ or the exact same outfit if you’re feeling risky. Couple fashion hasn’t been a trend, so to say, in the fashion world. This could be the 21st century style, runways filled with couples walking arm in arm down the runway. Couple is in, embrace your desires, and make the future monogamy in style. 

Today’s Ensemble

At this stage in my life I am trying to discover which fashion style I belong to. One day, I will dress 90s chic another bohemian, and so on. As I take a step back, I begin to question how many styles there are and which one I fit into. Today I had the feels for a modernly energized outfit. Recently, I have been obsessed with having these voguish & sassy headbands from Free People placed around my neck for a European look. I loved these statement striped pants from Zara and decided to match them with a white tank. Of course, sunglasses & wedges are a must to pull the outfit together! If I had to summarize today’s outfit in two words, they would be: Current European. I guess I am one step closer to being multicultural. I will show more of my latest acquisitions. Time to perform my du jour life! Stay stylish!

Venez avec moi visiter l’Acropole d’Athènes

Flashing back to the 1970s: Marissa

Marissa– A kind soul that highlights the atmosphere effortlessly. Her style simply reflects the sunshine that beams through her heart. This grown-up love child has been an inspiration to me, because she brings vibes of Woodstock to the present. As a lover of prints, her outfits always flow together whether it is a floral focused couture or an ensemble with the classic fringe cross-body bag and flared jeans.

How do you know you’re radiating BOHEMIAN: 

  1. Your room/dorm is occupied with items inspired by multicultural aspects. You’re in love with the tapestry, knit accents, fairy lights, warm colors galore, exotic poufs, and of course plants to give your room the natural, earthy vibe.
  2. All of your daily essentials must be au naturel including: lotions, aromas, bath soaps, nutrition, and so on.
  3. You tend to take every day as the last; simply living your day up. Stressing is simply a waste of your time and you take a lot of time to keep your heart & mind happy. A majority of a day is spent picking flowers, creating art, and grooving out to some of your favorite mindful tunes.
  4. You see modern ware as too conventional for you. Every day you are excited to push the limits on the fashion world through artistic expression.





Free Spirit Style: Meet Sky

In celebration of SUMMER VIBES I decided to bring into focus a loving person with an eye for fantastic layering. As the pictures show, everything she wears follows one theme “bohemian goddess”. We love how she paired a crop top with a kimono and boot cut jeans, going for a western look.  Another ideal way to fashion a kimono is with a dress underneath paired with a statement accessory. Can we say outfit inspiration?

On another note, layers are always tricky to overcome but the all greatest is transitioning from summer to fall looks. Below are some tips for creating the ultimate layered outfit for this difficult transition.

  1. For a feminine look-Start with a skirt (tight or loose) , add a favorite stylish top & don’t forget the booties. To fall accentuate, swap the booties for tall boots, leg warmers, a leather jacket, and / or a scarf
  2. For a more masculine look- Start with any style pant with a tank and again some booties. To fall accentuate, add a light cardigan, panama type hat, & a jacket. On terms of this jacket, we can either shoot for a jean, leather, suede, etc.. type.
  3. For an in-between look- Start with statement shorts, light blouse, and of course some boots! To fall accentuate, add tights, again a panama hat, and a loose knit!



Why I love Romanian Dress

Oh Romania, where to start! Everything about Romania was ravishing. We spent the last few days in Sighișoara Citadel, Constanta, and Bucharest, which are most frequented by the wealthy of Romania and tourists. There are shops, restaurants, and hotels up and down these cities. In particular, when visiting Sighișoara Citadel (one of Romania’s most alluring places) we were unexpectedly there during their annual medieval festival that occurs every year where arts and crafts blend with rock music and stage plays. The atmosphere was remarkable and transferred me back into their ancestry. I was suddenly in a place where short skirts isn’t the norm but delicate long dresses and bright floral crowns.Everything has volume and attitude Their vision of beauty includes something more bold than romantic and this is the 21st century fashion we need. The people know how sui generis their country is so they express this in their clothing as well as keeping this exclusive trait valued. I batten my eyelid and I envision myself back in this majestic country, wishing I could fall back into the scenery.Photo credits: Tibi Vîntur fashion photographer

Rebellious, Inspiring, & Outspoken

Arriving on a warm day in Bucharest I had no idea what to expect of Romania. One of the many reasons for this trip was to help others. In addition, I hoped to learn cultural awareness and gain others view on individuality expression. Before I traveled to Romania I wanted the orphans to have something to remember me by. I decided to establish by decorative photo frames (something to keep a large range of age groups engaged) and face paint. The children ended up loving the frames and even tried to take pictures that weren’t of them but their friends. The whole orphanage has a gracious attitude towards each other, exactly like a family.

Giving back is always special for me due to the real smile that just instantly pops on one’s face when they are presented with a gift, especially when I helped out at the orphanage. Thankfully, giving back has become a huge part of the fashion industry. For example, we all know Toms,”to help those who do good do well”  but this happens at all levels. I had the pleasure while traveling to meet one of the passionate members of Greensole, Karan Bhasin . At Greensole, they recycle abandoned footwear and transform them into comfortable and durable footwear providing to children less fortunate.

Their team is working with persistence and consistency to reach their goal of having no underserved barefoot by 2023. This company isn’t just creating fashion but has an eco-friendly way of creating unused shoes for those in need. I love what this company is and I am definitely anticipating the objective they are urging to reach!

Expression of a Country’s Individuality

A few months ago I was presented the opportunity to visit Romania. Due to lack of knowledge of the country, I had no expectation of the treasured pearl that would soon reveal itself to me. The big eye-opener of the whole trip was starting the trip off in Bucharest and then traveling to the mountains because of the change in social stratification. The places we traveled in Romania are very different but I found value in this country because they live off the land without preservatives. These people took organic to a new level, because they are living off agriculture. In these rural areas, the people still wear the traditional garments. For women, this includes wool skirts, and embroidered cotton tops. For men, this includes a white blouse with pants tied together with a leather or wool belt. It was so special to be a part of the Romanian traditions and to see that their past isn’t forgotten.img_2021







On the other hand, in Bucharest, the women stand out with brightly colored clothes. On the streets, women wear long flowing skirts, and the men wear white shirts and brightly colored belts. The Romanian culture is worn every day is something most cultures don’t practice as strongly. Even though there is a huge struggle in daily life there, all the people walk around proud to scream, “I am Romanian.”img_2022img_2020


Day by Day Outfits! 

Monday- A must have is accenting with vibrancy. Colors are everything! Mondays are tough enough, and it helps bring up the mood. 

Tuesday- I try to go for a buisness casual appearance. A good blazer is always a go-to for this summer with a light bralette under for a sexy approach.

Wednesday- Feeling boho, today I feel relaxed with the clothes I am wearing. It feels just right.

Thursday- Denim goes with everything! Make it classy, bring back nineties vibes, maybe even a little southern one day ☺️ anything works! 

Friday- I feel risky and decide to layer my prints. Following the “rules” of fashion can be depriving, shoot for what you imagine looks good!