Embrace your Elegance

Do you ever want to come out of your comfort zone & shine? Let me help you! I have been exposed to this feeling before. At one time in my life, I felt rejected from the crowd because I dress how I want to despite others’ approval. “Dressing to the nines” since I was a little girl has provoked my peers to address me with disapproving looks. Even as a third grader who was criticized for being the “little girl with the pink bow”, I felt the need to refashion myself to fit in. After spending countless days trying to makeover my closet, my mom noticed I wasn’t in positive spirits anymore. Rather than changing my style to fit my peers, I decided to share mine with them. My mom and I decided to bring bows for my classmates to show and tell; surprisingly every girl wanted a bow of her own! By embracing my uniqueness, rather than feeling ashamed and just following the crowd, I found confidence in being unique and realized my passion for fashion and ability to be a leader. I would never want to make anyone feel hesitant about being herself or for her circumstances. I want to make a woman proud of herself, as I have grown into! Embrace your individuality. Below are some women I have captured with simplistic beauty! 

Best Online Stores to get Shoes on Trend

It’s no question, women love shoes! As said by the great Marilyn Monroe, “Give A Girl The Right Shoes And She Can Conquer The World”! Of course finding a store with trendy, young, and well-priced shoes is a struggle. Thanks to the internet, online stores make it a lot easier to fulfill your desire.

1. TopShop

A British multinational fashion retailer of clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories with 500 shops worldwide has been keeping women on their toes with their exquisite style and reasonable prices.

Majorca Skinny Stiletto Heels $48.00

2. Free People

Free People is a lifestyle brand dedicated to a smart, creative, confident woman, comfortable in all aspects of herself and is excited by the world around her. If you are looking for something more boho-chic but willing to pay more, this brand is the pick for you! Their demographics are directed toward higher class women predominantly with a medium to high income level.  A large merchandise mix allows customers allows products to stay in with the top fashion trends with their boho chic atmosphere, encouraging customers to have frequent store/website visits.

Fools Gold Wrap Sandal

3. Steve Madden

Their mission is to consistently deliver trend right designs to our customers. Also, give young, fashion forward women a unique way to express their individuality through style. Steve Madden uses different sub brands to attract their target market. All these categories articulate the mission statement to create consistently deliver trend right designs to our customers. Also, give young, fashion forward women a unique way to express their individuality through style. Steve Madden promises to create trend-worthy products, letting the customer leave the store feeling confident and proud in their product, guaranteed.



ASOS hopes to create a unique multi-channel shopping experience where 20-something fashion lovers can network, share ideas, create their own style and of course, shop! They are marketing to creative, fashionable, and edgy women around the age of 20 something. ASOS has been a brand that women have been relying on since 2000 with a strong built brand-image!

Call It Spring Conboy Blush Ribbon Tie Ballet Flat Shoes

Uncovering my Surroundings

At this moment, I am able to realize that I have grown up in a very homogeneous group of children throughout my years of school. Everyone is very preppy, not as if we are snobs, but care a lot about our looks and how those around us think of each-other. All of us are into conformity, we want to be as one in the group not an outsider. We see outsiders as dysfunctional. What is wrong with being different? Why do we see being different is a bad thing? Maybe we are scared of being seen as unusual, no matter how much one may deny it, we are all unique and special! Fashion taste is also one that is taken different through many perspectives! The fashion world needs creative minds exploding with new ideas! Fashion is literally a way of artistic self-expression! America has the privilege to provide enough spare time for us to thrive our society! I believe in a few years everyone could be dressing extremely personalized. We won’t be dressing in the regular tee shirt and jeans, but walking art pieces! I believe we could all be very stylish in even the smallest towns, as I grow up in, Pennsylvania! Let’s make a difference in the way we dress and stay stylish!


Fashion Needs for this Summer

Who is ready for summer style? Time to show off that bikini body you have been working on all winter! Summer trends are appearing all over Instagram! Be-dazzle your instagram and show off your style!

Statement Stripes

Forget skinny jeans, go for an artsy resort-wear type pant can make almost any top look dressy this summer! Top these pants off with some stilettos or wedges and you immediately have a chic look!


Side Knot Stripe Wide Leg Pants – White http://www.zaful.com/high-waist-striped-wide-leg-pant-p_177666.html

Throw On & Go dress

Keep it simple! A dress is something classy that doesn’t take much to put on. It’s nothing but basic.

Shoes You Should Rocking this Summer

Drop your thigh-highs and pop out your sandals! Noteworthy sandals are the way to go when you want to pull an outfit together! This summer is about COLOR! 





Low boots are also really in! Strut yourself in some ankle boots with an accent of sparkle. If you are willing to pay a little extra, these ones from freepeople are to die for!









Best Ways to Stay Stylish on a Budget

1. Shop after the seasons  After the season, the clothes usually go on sale. For example, the bikinis, one-pieces, high-wasted, etc.. will be on crazy sales during the Fall, incredible markdowns on pretty high quality garments. The same goes for winter clothes in the early spring!

2. Buy Good Quality items deciding between a $10 top that is falling apart after 100 washes vs. a $100 top still in good quality after those washes. The $100 one in my opinion is much more worth the money! One can gain an intelligent watch for this by looking at the stitches of the clothing, are they held together tightly or look easily separated as if they can fall apart easily.

3. Use vintage items In the society we are living in (as I have said before) many of the traditional styles we have experienced in the 21st century have been fashions that were popular during the 1900s. Chances are, the clothes you get from your relatives are going to be coming the style this year or the next few! Stay stylish!

4. Don’t only refer to high-end retailers Most people value the brand more than the clothing. You see one top that looks good at a high price with a top branded name such as Vineyard Vines. But at Macy’s there may be the same top but is more your style at a Kohl’s is the better deal! The brand name does not matter, people usually comment on the look of an item they don’t usually care where you got it. Also, a $500-$1,000 pair of stilettos can be easily offered at a better price anywhere. There is never going to be that ONE pair unless the style is so extravagant (unless they are Sophia Webster’s Angel Wing Sandals!) Style is everything! cce1d32d244e3fbe855fee6d925cf6c9


Co-Creation– Avant Garde requires lateral thinking. One must have a very unique taste to be thinking in  this intricate style. Personally, I think the style is in right now. It is highly recognized in the teenage generation, extraordinary style and thinking out of the box. This style gives people a way to stand out in a crowd of ordinary, as that one little yellow flower in a crowd red, especially when an item as grass or flowers is transformed into wearable style. There are many designers who were/are simultaneously influential in this subject as Mr. Lee Alexander McQueen, one of the top idols of the fashion industry. As I see his designs, my taste in fashion evolves. He is very tasteful and every piece of his clothing could make any room glow! Another Avant Garde artist I adore is The Blonds, they’re style is very 3 dimensional and bedazzled. The clothing is very eye-striking and feminine. It has a certain sex-appeal that’s very chic worn by superstars as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Katy Perry– giving them an extreme glam statement during performances or red carpet.






Is History Repeating Itself? 

As I walk into Forever 21 I see all bright neon clothes, tie-dye galore! This reminds me of the hippie times, not a type of electric futuristic vibe, but a vintage style.. we are slowly repeating the same fashion habits of the past years: woodstock couture, bodysuits, overalls, fringe, plaid skirts, denim on denim galore, etc… What makes the 21st century special, memorable, different that other centuries?The 90s is the 90s!! I want our century to be known as 21st century chic. I want style tobe  unique not cycled, made a fashion statement. We made high high boots a style, bodycons, mesh, lace up heels, see- through shoes etc.. We need something new in the fashion market, something memorable! Kim Kardashian, her husband, and her family are huge fashion idols for many! She is flashing interesting styles including corsets over clothes, tee shirts as dresses ! Kylie Jenner brought in neon hair, rainbow hair cool . They evolutionized beauty and thats something the 21st Century can be known for! Everyone wants a thick body as an hourglass figure and surgeries to help change your figure is accepted!!